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  1. Magic Bullet (Chartreuse/White) Sold out!
  2. Magic Bullet (Yellow/White) Sold out!
  3. NPD Diver (Black/White) Sold out!
  4. NPD Diver (Chartreuse/White) Sold out!
  5. NPD Diver (Rainbow Trout) Sold out!
  6. Real Deal Bluegill (Black) Sold out!
  7. Real Deal Bluegill (Purple) Sold out!

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NPD Diver (Rainbow Trout)

NPD Diver (Rainbow Trout)

8-inch (4/0) topwater diver with side to side action.


Noel's original NPD Diver fly is an 8-inch topwater diver that is versatile on the surface and equally effective subsurface where the fly slowly floats toward the surface on the pause.


Sold out!

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