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Welcome to the cyber home of Noel's original flies...

… the topwater 'NPD Diver'
… the dog walkin' 'Magic Bullet', and
… the 'Real Deal Bluegill' impersonator.

Imagine… fooling the kinds of fish who are not afraid of eating big baits.

"Happiness is only real when shared." -Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Sharing the experience…

See some of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta fish gone wild over these flies.

Learn more about fly fishing with Noel's topwater fly, his zig-zagging-can-be-fished-at-any-depth fly or his bluegill impersonating fly by clicking on their respective link above.

Your opportunity to purchase these original flies will be found in the fly shop, where flies that are tied by the fly designer himself … for now, anyway … will be available.

Read banter, blogs as well as tributes to those inspiring individuals to which Noel extends his appreciation in the blog section.